A Good Partnership

The photo above is from our June meeting in Tampa of the partners of the Johnson Scholarship for students with disabilities in the State University System of Florida. This annual meeting is convened by the Johnson Scholarship Foundation and attended by representatives of each of the state universities and the Board of Governors’ Office. The Foundation was well represented, as you can see from the photo. JSF has frequently touted this program as one of its best … Continue reading A Good Partnership

Concentrating Focus for Results

The Johnson Scholarship Foundation stresses the importance of adhering to a strategy to achieve results. We concentrate on education for disadvantaged people so that they may obtain better employment and a better life. Over the past few years the most expensive of our discretionary programs has been the Johnson Scholars Program at the Palm Beach County School District. It has averaged nearly $400 thousand annually … Continue reading Concentrating Focus for Results

The Fading American Dream

Raj Chetty is a professor of economics at Stanford University and has been recognized by the American Economic Association as the best American economist under age 40. His current research focuses on equality of opportunity: how can we give children from disadvantaged backgrounds better chances of succeeding? Professor Chetty’s research shows that the American dream of upward mobility is fading. An American child from a … Continue reading The Fading American Dream

Have Faith (and Keep Going)

Whenever I am tempted to feel blue or pessimistic about the Johnson Scholarship Foundation’s effectiveness all I have to do is listen to our peers, which I had the opportunity to do at The Center of Effective Philanthropy (CEP) Biannual Conference in Boston. During a plenary session CEP reported that 67% of Foundation CEOs feel that Foundations are capable of making a significant difference but … Continue reading Have Faith (and Keep Going)

3 Reasons Why Indigenous Students Merit More Philanthropic Investment

Since inception, the Johnson Scholarship Foundation has invested in the lives Indigenous Peoples. Our Founder believed they got a “raw deal” and thought it fair to give back to the communities and people who – through no fault of their own – do not have the same opportunities for success. For over 25 years, Native communities have proved themselves well worth the investment. Here’s why … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Indigenous Students Merit More Philanthropic Investment

Adding Value: 3 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Grants

We have come to think of our grants as investments, similar to those we make in the financial markets. When we invest in a new organization or idea we are, in effect, venture investors. Like our counterparts in the financial marketplace, we can usually add value by giving our grantee something in addition to money. We might provide specialized knowledge. Sometimes we connect a grantee … Continue reading Adding Value: 3 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Grants

Democracy in Action: 3 Indicators that Philanthropy will Generate Social Change

I recently had the privilege of hearing Karl Zinsmeister speak at the CEO dinner at the annual Florida Philanthropic Network summit. Karl Zinsmeister oversees all magazine, book and website publishing at The Philanthropy Roundtable. He has authored 12 books, including What Comes Next? How private givers can rescue America in an era of political frustration, which was the theme of his talk. Zinsmeister’s thesis is … Continue reading Democracy in Action: 3 Indicators that Philanthropy will Generate Social Change

January is National Mentoring Month

January  is National Mentoring Month. Much has been written about the value of mentoring and most of us remember mentors, in our high school or college days, who made a difference in our lives. Mentoring takes many forms. It may have been a teacher, a coach or an employer. Anyone who took a particular interest in us and gave a piece of themselves. We can … Continue reading January is National Mentoring Month

In 2017 We will “Keep Going”

Phil Buchannan, CEO of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, in his 2016 Essay, “Big Issues, Many Questions”, notes that the fundamentals of good philanthropy are straightforward and timeless: define your goals, pursue them with focused strategies, execute with discipline and measure results. He goes on to opine, however, that the issues facing foundations change and present new challenges. One of the new challenges that Buchannan … Continue reading In 2017 We will “Keep Going”

Thank You

As the end of our first full 25 years comes to a close it becomes all of us at the Johnson Scholarship Foundation – Board members, staff and consultants – to count the things for which we are grateful. Let us start with our founders, Theodore and Vivian Johnson. They have given us the privilege of being in the business of making grants to promising ideas, … Continue reading Thank You