3 Ways Social Media can Enhance Your Philanthropy

Last year, we shared a post on JSF’s social media strategy and how we planned to use social media to expand our communication efforts. Since then, we’ve continued utilizing social davis-social-media-for-teachers-tips-01media and have found a few concrete ways that it can help us support grantees and enhance our philanthropic efforts:

  1. Share the messages of your grantees

Social media is all about sharing a message, so why not use the platform to share the message of the programs and organizations you support? Budgeting for the purchase of ads and campaigns to promote grantee messages is an indicator that your organization is dedicated to supporting grant-funded programs through unique and flexible means.

  1. Connect

Social media is in its nature social. At JSF, we are consistently search for other networkingorganizations and content that we could learn from. We often connect with our grantees and the beneficiaries of those grants, providing the opportunity for a public show of partnership and mutual gratitude.

  1. Partner with grantees to provide individual communications wraparound support

The world of social media and communications is rapidly changing. At JSF, we want our communications strategy to be something that benefits us and the organizations with which we partner. We have found that we can do this creatively – whether it’s technical support, communications expertise, sharing content, or promoting initiatives, there are multiple ways that we, as a private philanthropic foundation, can and should support our grantees via a philanthropycommunications strategy.


For more information about JSF or to discuss incorporating social media and a communications strategy in your foundation, visit our website or contact Tori Lackey at lackey@jsf.bz.


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