First to college; first to graduate

Going to college is a point of pride for students who are first in their family to venture into unknown territory. For some, this pride may quickly manifest into uncertainty or concern that they don’t belong. The unfamiliarity of the college environment, complete with oddly named offices like the Bursar and the Registrar, many first-generation students quickly notice the complexities of college life. For many, … Continue reading First to college; first to graduate

Thinking About “Our Kids”

A book by one of America’s leading scholars was published a few months ago, Our Kids, The American Dream in Crisis, by the sociologist Robert Putnam .  Putman is an eloquent and renowned writer and researcher. He is, as the New York Times wrote in a review of Our Kids, “technically a Harvard social scientist, but a better description might be poet laureate of civil … Continue reading Thinking About “Our Kids”