The True Story of Thanksgiving

  The real story of that first Thanksgiving although filled with happiness for the Pilgrims was actually a very difficult time for Indian communities.  Many Nations on the eastern seaboard were devastated by diseases such as smallpox and many villages were now uninhabited and the former inhabitants extinct.   Here is a part of the story that is rarely told in America today. One day in … Continue reading The True Story of Thanksgiving

Paper Headbands

American novelist, writer, playwright, poet, essayist and civil rights activist James Baldwin probably stated it best in the 1989 documentary The Price of the Ticket, when he said, “It comes as a great shock to discover that Gary Cooper killing off the Indians, when you were rooting for Gary Cooper, that the Indians were you. It comes as a great shock to discover the country, … Continue reading Paper Headbands

It’s November – Time to Learn about the Indigenous Peoples of the US!

In November each year, people become interested in American Indians.  It originally had to do with – and still does to some extent – the fact that Thanksgiving happens in November.  However since 1990, there has been a joint resolution by Congress, approved by the President, proclaiming November to be Native American (or American Indian and Alaska Native) Heritage Month.    So people – typically teachers … Continue reading It’s November – Time to Learn about the Indigenous Peoples of the US!

Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month and we will use this space to reflect on the Foundation’s mission to Indigenous Peoples. Later in the month, we will publish pieces from Sherry Salway-Black, who has been a member of our Board since 2006, and from Rick Williams, Foundation Consultant on programs serving Indigenous Peoples. The Johnson Scholarship Foundation has been investing in Indigenous Peoples in the … Continue reading Native American Heritage Month