Making a Difference: The Impact of Annual Meetings

Every year the Johnson Scholarship Foundation hosts two annual convening of select grantees.  The first is in June and welcomes representatives from the Disability Resource Centers in the twelve state of Florida universities.  The second one, held in October, is for representatives from the colleges and universities providing Foundation business and entrepreneurship scholarships to Indigenous students.  In both cases, the Foundation pays all expenses (travel, … Continue reading Making a Difference: The Impact of Annual Meetings

The Real Deal: Extraordinary Results at Providence St. Mel

The Foundation’s mission is to assist disadvantaged people to obtain education and employment. We frequently invest in early education because it is the key to post-secondary success. One of our better investments is in Providence St. Mel, a private school in Chicago. Providence St. Mel has an enrollment of about 600 students, from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. As the name suggests, the school was started … Continue reading The Real Deal: Extraordinary Results at Providence St. Mel

Diversity Includes Disability

One of the keynote speakers at the COSD conference in October 2008 was Dr. Paul Longmore, a critically acclaimed historian and the Director of the Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University, now named the Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability. The thesis of Dr. Longmore’s speech was that history shows us that we require the “minority model”, and not just the traditional “medical model”, … Continue reading Diversity Includes Disability

Social Justice Through Education

This week we re-post an article by Cheryl Crazy Bull, President of the American Indian College Fund. The American Indian College Fund is an important grantee partner of the Foundation and we had a chance to see Cheryl (and a lot of other good friends) earlier this month in San Diego at the Annual Conference of Native American’s in Philanthropy. The Foundation’s mission is “to … Continue reading Social Justice Through Education

Hedgehogs & Foxes

Years ago I first saw the idea of the “hedgehog concept” in a business book, Good to Great. The authors had borrowed it from Isaiah Berlin’s essay, “The Hedgehog and the Fox.” The idea is that the world can be divided into two types of people, hedgehogs and foxes. The fox is graceful, cunning and fleet. The hedgehog is slow and should be easy prey … Continue reading Hedgehogs & Foxes